Elgin Middlesex District Futsal League Rules and Regulations 

 Article 1. Categories and Divisions

1. Subject to Ontario Soccer Published Policies, the Elgin Middlesex District Futsal League (EMDFL) may operate a futsal league for U12 to U18 teams located within the Elgin Middlesex Soccer Association (EMSA) District of Ontario Soccer.  Divisions may be based on gender and dual birth years per division (i.e. U11/12, U13/14 etc).  The EMDFL may also operate a men’s and/or Women’s Open division(s).

  Article 2. General

 2.1 EMDFL will follow FIFA Futsal Laws of the Game with the following exceptions:

  1. Running clock rather than stopped clock
  2. Field Markings will be dictated by what is available at venue
  3. Two Match Officials will be utilized
  4. “Pass Back” rule will not be in effect for U12 games to encourage play from the goal

2.2 The EMDFL Management Committee shall inform Members Clubs of any changes to the Rules and Regulations within seven (7) days of their adoption and a consolidated copy of the amended Rules and Regulations, if any were adopted during the year, shall be provided to Members Clubs. 

2.3 All fines resulting from a violation of rules identified in these Rules and Regulations, including those published in the EMDFL Fines Schedule, shall be assessed against the Member Club.

2.5 All matters not included in these Rules and Regulations shall be dealt in accordance with Ontario Soccer Published Policies.

Article 3. Membership Applications and Fees

 3.1 Team Entries and all fees to play in the EMDFL shall be made annually on the EMDFL official registration form, and received by the EMDFL upon registration. Late applications will be accepted only upon payment of a late fee, as outlined by the EMDFL Fines Schedule.

 3.2 Withdrawals must be made through the EMDFL Management Committee.

3.3 For each team withdrawn after December 15 the Member Team shall forfeit the full fees paid.

3.4 Any Member Team/Club whose cheque is returned NSF will be charged an administrative fee in accordance with the EMDFL Fines Schedule.

 Article 4. Team Eligibility Rules

 4.1 All Member Clubs approved by the EMSA to operate youth teams, may enter teams in any division of the EMDFL.

   Article 5. Registration of Players

 5.1 All players shall be registered with EMSA, in accordance with the Ontario Soccer Published Policies.

5.2 The deadline for placing a player on the Team roster is January 31st of the year immediately following the start of the futsal season.

5.3 Players may transfer to another team in accordance with Ontario Soccer Published Policies.

 Article 6. Coaches and Other Team Officials

 6.1 Each team must appoint a head coach. 

 6.2 All coaches and other team officials shall be registered with the EMSA in accordance with Ontario Soccer Policies.

Article 7. Game Sheets

 7.1 The names and Ontario Soccer numbers of all players and team officials participating in a game must be legibly printed on the official game sheet as provided by the Management Committee.

7.2 Only those players listed on the game sheet are eligible to play. The maximum number of players allowed to be listed on game sheets is 14.

Only four (4) team officials may be listed on the game sheet, and one team official must sign the team’s game sheet; the signature shall certify the eligibility of all players and officials whose names appear on the game sheet, to participate in that game.

 7.3 Any team that falsifies a game sheet will be subject to a fine as published in the EMDFL Fines Schedule.

 7.4 Each team is required to provide one copy of their game sheet to the Match Official.

 Article 8. Player Verification

 8.1 The checking of each teams valid EMSA approved roster against the game sheet may be performed 15 minutes prior to scheduled start time. Team head coaches are responsible to be in possession of an EMSA approved roster and check it against the game sheet. Players not on the EMSA approved roster are considered to be ineligible to play.

Article 9. Player Eligibility

9.1 The maximum number of players allowed to participate in a game is 14.

9.2 Any team playing an ineligible player will be subject to a disciplinary hearing. The team and its officials will be assessed penalties that the Discipline Committee imposes in accordance with Ontario Soccer Published Policies, as well as any applicable fines as published in the EMDFL Fines Schedule.

 Article 10. Submission of Game Reports

 10.1 Scores from U14, and older, games will be noted on game sheets and provided to Management Committee by the Match Official.

 Article 11. Equipment

 11.1 Game balls will be provided by the league on each game day.

11.2 Team uniform colours must be indicated when the team is registered. Where the Match Official determines there is a conflict in team colours, the away team is required to change to an alternate jersey colour. The goalkeepers’ jersey colour must be different from that of either team. It is the responsibility of the away team officials to have alternate jerseys, (or pinnies) available at each game.

11.3 All players on the same team, except the goalkeeper, shall wear jerseys of the same colour, which must be numbered on the back. Numbers must be at least eight inches in height. No two players may wear the same number. Player’s numbers must be recorded on the game sheet and cannot be changed after the start of the game without the Match Official’s permission.

11.4 Safety or protective equipment may be worn after inspected and deemed, by the Match Official, that the wearing of such equipment will not constitute a danger to other players.

Article 12. Duration of Games

 12.1  Games shall be of the following duration:

2 X 20  minute halves with running clock

  Article 13. Game Start Times and Abandoned Games

 13.1 Teams are required to present themselves at their scheduled game field at least 15 minutes before the scheduled kick-off time.  

13.2 Any team that causes a game to be delayed beyond the scheduled kick-off time shall be subject to a fine as published in the EMDFL Fines Schedule.

 13.3 Any team that fails to present itself at the game field within 10 minutes after the scheduled kick-off time, or fails to field the minimum players within 10 minutes after the scheduled kick-off time, shall be considered to have failed to appear for a scheduled game causing forfeiture

 13.4 If both teams fail to appear for a scheduled game, both teams will be fined as per the EMDFL Fine Schedule.

 13.5 The EMDFL Management Committee may order a defaulted or abandoned game rescheduled.

 13.6 If a Match Official decides to abandon a game at any time due to the actions of players, officials or spectators/supporters of a team, the said team shall be deemed to have forfeited the game.

13.7 If a game has to be abandoned by the Match Official at any time because a team is unable to field the minimum number of players, the said team shall be deemed to have forfeited the game.

Article 14. Schedules

 14.1 The season shall begin in January.

 14.2  The League reserves the right to move a team to a different division at any time during the season if deemed necessary to maintain a standard of fair play in that division.

 14.3  The League reserves the right to make changes to the schedule at any time.

 14.4  All teams will be scheduled to play a minimum of 8 games.  The league has proposed a 10 game schedule, however, such is contingent on facility availability.

 Article 15. Substitutions

 15.1 Player substitutions shall be permitted as per the Laws of the Game.

Article 16. Match Officials

 16.1 Match Officials shall be appointed by EMDFL Management Committee or an appointed assignor.

16.2 Match Officials fees are included in the registration fee.

16.3 In the event that the appointed Match Official fails to appear by the appointed kick-off time, the Management Committee will make every attempt to contact a Match Official as required for the level of match.

16.4 The Match Official shall ensure that the well-being of the players is given priority over the progress of the game. 

Article 17. Protests, Complaints and Misconduct

 17.1 All matters requiring a hearing shall be dealt with by a committee appointed for that purpose.

 17.2 Clubs are responsible for the actions of their players, team officials and spectators.

 17.3 All protests regarding the playing of a game must be made in writing, outlining the grounds for the protest, and delivered to the Management Committee. They must also be accompanied by the prescribed protest fee.  Delivery must be made in person, or by postal, or courier service, and be date stamped no later than 48 hours after the completion of the game, Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays excluded.  A copy of the protest must also be sent to the opposing team within the same time frame. A date stamped receipt must be retained as proof of the date of delivery of the protest to the opposing team.

 17.4 Protests must meet all of the above requirements in order to be considered valid. Protests which fail to meet any of the above requirements will be ruled invalid and will not be heard.

 17.5  Upon receipt of a valid protest or complaint, the Management Committee will send a notice within ten (10) days, notifying the parties of the date, time, and location of a hearing.

 17.6 All valid protests shall be heard within three (3) weeks of being received by the Management Committee.

 17.7 In the event a protest is upheld, the protest fee will be returned in full. In the event the protest is denied; the committee shall decide whether to return the protest fee in full, or in part, or to declare that the protest fee be forfeited. Fines may be assessed in accordance with Article 21, for any violations of the Rules and Regulations.

 Article 18. Discipline

18.1 Disciplinary action shall be taken in accordance with the Ontario Soccer Published Policies and the EMDFL Discipline Procedures.

In cases where Ontario Soccer Published Policies provide for Discipline by Review (DBR), the accused player or Team/Club Official does not have to appear for a hearing. If the accused person does not request a hearing, or does not file an appeal, within seventy-two (72) hours of the game where the offence occurred, not including weekends or statutory holidays, he/she may be found guilty and the applicable penalties and/or fines, established by Ontario Soccer for the offence for which he/she has been charged shall apply.

In cases of Discipline by Hearing (DBH), all players attending a disciplinary hearing must be accompanied by an adult who shall act as an advisor, failing which, the hearing will not proceed, and the player shall be suspended until the hearing is held.

18.2 Clubs shall ensure that accused players and team/club officials appear for their disciplinary hearing. Failure to attend a scheduled hearing will result in the application of the appropriate fine within the EMDFL Fines Schedule.

  Article 19. Appeals

 19.  Appeals of any decisions by the EMDFL Board or a Disciplinary Panel of the League shall be handled by EMSA in accordance with its Published Policies.

 Article 20. Pre-Season Meetings

 20 Team Pre-season Meeting - A mandatory pre-season meeting for a minimum of one (1) team official from each team will be held prior to the commencement of the season. 

Article 21. Fees and Fines

Member Clubs are expected to pay outstanding fees by the deadline, and fines that their teams accrue within 21 days of notification. Clubs that fail to pay within this time frame, without seeking and obtaining an extension from the League, will be deemed “members not in good standing” and this information will be forwarded to EMSA.

Payments of fees or fines can be made by cash to the Management Committee.  Any Club which issues a cheque that is returned as NSF will be assessed an additional administrative fee of $25 and the offending Club may be put on a certified cheque, cash or money order only for all League payments.


Team Registration fee                                     $750.00 per team

Late Registration fee                                       $800.00 ($700.00 registration fee + $50.00)

Ineligible Player                                              $50.00

Protest fee                                                      $50.00

Protest Administrative fee                               $50.00 plus applicable fine

NSF cheque service charge                            $25.00


Default of game

1st Game                                                        $100.00    

2nd Game                                                       $100.00

3rd Game                                                        Expulsion and deemed withdrawal



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